Pitch Policy

This is the time to do it. ReMarkAble quickly gets to the heart of your communication issue. Your budget is used to the maximum for visibility of your company and/or product in the market (and is therefore not lost in unnecessary overhead hours). Are you ready for a hands-on approach? Then read on quickly. 

The vision of ReMarkAble, BE GOOD, TELL IT and GET PERSONAL, is bearing fruit. Knowledge of the agricultural and food market, creativity and monitoring of the interaction on remarkable campaigns (read: leads) means that clients realize their (communication) goals: more effectiveness of the sales force, resulting in more turnover, more job satisfaction and a better return. A successful method, for more than 25 years.

As a result of this remarkable approach, ReMarkAble is frequently invited for pitches. That is nice and in fact a confirmation of the success of our approach, but in no way does it mean that we automatically respond to this.

Pitch conditions ReMarkAble communicatie

  • New customers are of course very welcome, but existing customers come first. Requirements in terms of planning and realization will never be at the expense of existing customers. Speed ​​of action is also one of the core values ​​of ReMarkAble.
  • ReMarkAble only participates in pitches if the briefing is clear. What is the current situation? Who are the communication target group? What are the objectives? When should these goals be achieved and, not unimportantly: what budget is available to achieve these goals and what are the criteria for the winning pitch?
  • No pitch without prior personal contact. Prior to the pitch, we will discuss the briefing with you in a non-binding, personal conversation of up to one hour. This is to establish the basic principles and to assess whether there is a match.
  • A first (introductory) meeting is without obligation. If an elaboration is subsequently requested, these follow-up hours will be registered and invoiced.
  • Presentation of the (creative) output only takes place through a personal interview with contact persons from the DMU.
  • Ideas and concepts presented during the pitch are the property of ReMarkAble and are protected by copyright. As soon as the pitch is converted into an assignment, the rights are transferred to the client. We don't make a fuss about that; after all, we do everything for the customer!


GET PERSONAL: See you soon!

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