De Samenwerking – Marketing Automation

De Samenwerking: A website that works for us with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring)!

C.L.V. De Samenwerking is a co-operative with around 800 members working in the center and west of The Netherlands, with a specialization in the field of animal nutrition, roughage extraction and plant cultivation. Since spring 2019, De Samenwerking has been working with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring).

Jesca Strien, marketing- en communicatiemedewerker bij De SaJesca Strien, marketing and communication officer at De Samenwerking:

“At the beginning of this year, ReMarkAble helped us to develop a new corporate identity and a new website. It wasn’t difficult to convince us of the benefits of SharpSpring, with a demo.

Our brochures and knowledge documents can be requested via forms on the website. They are then sent automatically, so we can focus on other activities. Addresses of potential customers are added to our database and approached by our representatives. Registrations for demos and meetings also go through SharpSpring. Invitations and confirmations go through the built-in email marketing functionality. It helps us to support our customers even better and to provide them with the information they are looking for.

The platform is complete, accessible and affordable. At the beginning we needed some help from ReMarkAble, but now we do almost everything ourselves. ”