ReMarkAble Agricultural Marketing Automation

The time of “shooting with hail” is over. Clients want to know what their communication efforts actually deliver and want to generate qualified leads. More and more companies in agri- and hortibusiness are finding their way to ReMarkAble for remarkable campaigns. As a creative agency, with a pragmatic approach, we can actually provide our clients with qualified leads with the SharpSpring marketing automation platform.

You remain owner of the data
The owner of the data is "king". Using SharpSpring you are and remain the owner of your customer-related data and you do not have to pay separately per lead. Tailormade, effective and efficient!

ReMarkAble is independent and oversees the entire agricultural media landscape. We advise an optimal mix of media channels, so you are not limited to a few publishing products (from the respective provider).

The SharpSpring platform can be used both nationally and internationally. ReMarkAble knows with which message and through which channels farmers and horticulturalists can be reached in other countries. Regardless the country where we operate for you, we can measure exactly what your actions yield and provide qualified leads that your sales / dealers can approach in a targeted manner.





De Samenwerking: A website that works for us with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring)!

C.L.V. De Samenwerking is a co-operative with around 800 members working in the center and west of The Netherlands, with a specialization in the field of animal nutrition, roughage extraction and plant cultivation. Since spring 2019, De Samenwerking has been working with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring).

Jesca Strien, marketing and communication officer at De Samenwerking:

“At the beginning of this year, ReMarkAble helped us to develop a new corporate identity and a new website. It wasn’t difficult to convince us of the benefits of SharpSpring, with a demo.

Our brochures and knowledge documents can be requested via forms on the website. They are then sent automatically, so we can focus on other activities. Addresses of potential customers are added to our database and approached by our representatives. Registrations for demos and meetings also go through SharpSpring. Invitations and confirmations go through the built-in email marketing functionality. It helps us to support our customers even better and to provide them with the information they are looking for.

The platform is complete, accessible and affordable. At the beginning we needed some help from ReMarkAble, but now we do almost everything ourselves. ”


Limagrain Nederland: Relevant content for customers and prospects with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring)

Limagrain Nederland BV is the market leader in the breeding and marketing of agricultural seeds for professional use in livestock farming, arable farming (LG Seeds) and the green sector (Advanta Seeds). Limagrain has been using ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring) for two years.

Koen van de Sanden, online marketingmanager Limagrain Nederland:

In our (online) marketing, we strive to be and remain as relevant as possible. Through understanding the online customer journey and interests, we can better align our expressions with the wishes and expectations of our target groups. Sharpspring has proven to be a valuable tool in this strategy and a complete, but also affordable solution.

ReMarkAble communicatie, also with knowledge of the agricultural sector, has helped us well with the implementation.


Hoopman Machines B.V.: Structure, insight and leads with ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring)

Since 1911, Hoopman Machines B.V. from Aalten is manufacturer of the Holaras machines. The machines are produced and developed for livestock farming, arable farming, agricultural contracting, onion processing, industry and biogas. In addition to the standard machines in the range, many of these machines have extra options to suit your requirements. Since spring 2019, Hoopman Machines has been using ReMarkAble Marketing Automation (SharpSpring).

Jaco Korten, Sales and marketing employee at Hoopman Machines B.V.:

We had the idea that we were running behind on marketing. It was the final item in our daily activities. It lacked structure, we didn’t see what it brought us in revenues. That had to change!

Now we work together with ReMarkAble communicatie based on a content calendar and know exactly which message should be send, via which channels (e.g. Facebook, e-newsletters, Google Ads). Via ReMarkAble Marketing Automation we monitor what our communications expressions generate in traffic, leads and sales.

In fact, we just wanted to be unburdened. That works very well with an agency that knows both the agricultural sector and communication. Not only in Holland, but also across the border.

Logo SaMASZ B.v.B.a_Klein

SaMASZ bvba - Johan Jans: Hard work helps even more if you also work smart

SaMASZ bvba is the sales organization of SaMASZ machines for the Netherlands and Belgium. The SaMASZ mowers in particular, make a great impression on agricultural contractors and livestock farmers. Since last year SaMASZ bvba has been reaping the benefits of agricultural marketing automation, supported by Dijkstra Agrimarketing and ReMarkAble communication.

Johan Jans, owner of SaMASZ bvba:

“As a young company, we do not yet have the permanent structures of the past. This gave us the opportunity to interpret marketing and sales in a new contemporary way. With help of Dijkstra Agrimarketing we created a marketing plan, which includes our ambitions. We took a good look at developments in society, agribusiness and our own industry. On this basis, we have chosen to enter the market as a mowing specialist and to focus on those trends that we expect to be leading for the coming years.

For example, the choice for marketing automation was obvious to be able to set up a very efficient and effective sales funnel. It is important for us to be able to trace and qualify leads early in order to intervene at the right time in the purchasing process of prospects. Naturally we found ReMarkAble as a partner in this process. They strongly combine agri and communication and with SharpSpring they have a powerful tool in their hands.”

Arjen Dijkstra van Dijkstra Agrimarketing remains involved in the further implementation of the marketing plan. This keeps the focus sharp to gradually achieve the goals that we have set ourselves. This way we can build up a nice market position in a smart way.”

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