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You want to be noticed by your agricultural target group?

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Your products and services are worth to be proud of and to be communicated! You want your audience to notice them in a sea of information. So e-mail is a neccesity for you.

About e-mail, do you know anyone who doesn’t use e-mail nowadays?
Here are some statistics:

  • 88% of the Dutch farmers reads agricultural information via e-mail
  • Two-third of those farmers also says these e-mailed information brings them new ideas
  • The majority even visits the website after receiving an e-mailing
  • 85% of all Dutch has subscribed to e-mail newsletters in the last year
  • Three quarters of the Dutch buys online after receiving an e-mail, which makes e-mail a preferred channel for the Dutch
  • It’s estimated that approximately over 144 miljard e-mails are sent every day worldwide

So we can state that e-mail is an effective way to send your message across the world.

In this WhitePaper we give you some tips and tricks to make your email campaign succesfull.

ReMarkAble communication provide support and advise for your remarkable e-mailcampaigns and even the whole proces of creating and sending the e-mails. With you we analyse the results of your campaigns to optimalise them.

With a lot of experience in remarkable communication we are happy to support you to get more results from your online campaigns.

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